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ASP.NET is the technology with which I leaded most projects, either in C# or VB.
Development of Webforms, 3-tier architecture.
Good knowledge of MVC model for ASP.NET.
Frameworks 2.0 - 3.5 - 4.0.
The most important mobile technology in today's market of smartphones.
The first Web technology I discovered years ago.
I've been implementing many projects with version 5 (OOP).
Frameworks Zend / Symfony.
Use of Web services ASMX y WCF.
Classic ASP, Java.
Oracle SQL Queries, PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Packages.
Table management, etc.
SQL, Transact-SQL, Database administration.
MySQL Admin. and complete use.
The jQuery and jQuery UI libraries have provided many new client-side functionalities. Linked to HTML5, it perfectly combines to enrich the behavior of the pages.
Frequent use of JQuery plugins.
The basis for layout work. Using version 5 with all new tags.
The client language inevitable to dynamize the Web pages behavior.
Advanced knowledge of CSS2 and CSS3.
Asynchronous requests with AJAX.NET & JQuery AJAX

Advanced written and spoken

Mother tongue


Advanced written and basic written. comprehension medium

Development : Maxime Lassalle
Design : Jenyfair Lacour